• Lew’s BBQ Chicken

    Lew’s BBQ Chicken

    When it comes to barbecued chicken, everyone wants that nice thick glaze of Lew's sauce attached to the skin, and…

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  • Our Sauce

    Our Sauce

    LEW's Barbeque Potion is an exotic blend of premium ingredients and spices that add zest and depth to any dish.…

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  • Cookouts


    When you're throwing a backyard barbecue, there are certain dishes that are always hits. Summer is a time to spend…

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  • Caribbean BBQ

    Caribbean BBQ

    Enjoy some fresh Caribbean flavors with LEW's BBQ Potion sauce and some of our recipes for Barbadian chicken skewers, BBQ…

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  • Ribs


    Make the ribs in advance, and when your guests have arrived, finish them off on the barbecue with LEW's BBQ…

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  • Seaside Cookout

    Seaside Cookout

    "Our most popular dish is the smoked pork spare ribs,” says Sandra Ward, owner of Seaside BBQ Restaurant and Smokehouse.…

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  • Backyard BBQ

    Backyard BBQ

    I put LEW's BBQ on everything so does my wife. We tried many different dishes, everything was cooked to perfection.

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  • Ribeye


    While ribeyes are more expensive than many other cuts of beef, they are well worth the extra cost, as the…

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  • Seaside BBQ

    Seaside BBQ

    I got the pulled pork plate with two sides: mac & cheese + mashed potatoes. Mark got the Chopped BBQ…

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