About Us

About Us

BBQ Sauce was first produced in the Caribbean Islands, then eventually adopted in Southern cooking traditions in the USA.

Over thirty-five years ago, Lew's BBQ Potion combined the best of the South and the Caribbean traditional cooking styles to create a taste that is as unique as it's name. Since then, Lew's Barbeque Potion has been served (free of charge) to friends and family members at cook-outs, parties, and get togethers.

Now Available

Lew's Barbeque Potion is available online and nationwide with three distinct flavor options. Now, we are making this sauce available to you in your local retail locations. If you cannot find LEW's BBQ Potion in your local store, ask the manager to stock this premium high-end barbeque sauce.



Our vision

Click here to add Lew's Barbeque Potion to your cooking to create your own unique flavor an cooking tradition.

good food!

Gifting this delicious sauce at individual gatherings has successfully created a demand for Lew's Barbeque Potion to be sold for purchase online and at local and national retailers.